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Ainsley was a character in Zombieland: The Series played by Tim Bagley.


It was a normal day at the office, though Ainsley had quite a number of gripes to air to Sheila about that morning. After going on talking, not noticing the chaos going on outside, the caterer (Tallahassee) shows up to drop off both of their orders. Ainsley then discovers they put a pickle on his tuna-fish sandwich, and complains about it. Then a zombie bursts through the window. Ainsley gets slain by the zombie.


  • List of gripes:
    • his keurig was broken
    • he had to go to Starbucks to get coffee and they could figure out his name so he called himself "Jim"
    • he got the wrong coffee in a mix-up with another order far a Jim
    • he drank venti size cup of coffee before realizing it has whole milk and he is lactose intolerant
    • his new 5s phone falls to the asphalt and cracks the the screen
    • notes the same phone he deleted a app by accident and he doesn't know which one