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Albuquerque is Tallahassee's doppelgänger and a minor character in Zombieland: Double Tap. He is portrayed by Luke Wilson.


Albuquerque has a cowboy style similar to Tallahassee's, wearing a black ten-gallon hat, a dark leather vest, and a back shirt and slacks. He has a gun holster and knife sheath attached to his black leather belt, and usually has an ammunition belt wrapped over his shoulder.


Gruff, Albuquerque can be mistaken for Tallahassee in his demeanor and many of his mannerisms. He has had relations with Nevada, and argued with Tallahassee over it, forming an immediate dislike of him.

In Zombieland: Double Tap[]

Albuquerque arrived at Nevada's motel when Tallahassee and company were visiting, crushing their car with his monster truck when he parked. He bantered with Tallahassee and then, after briefly going inside to converse with the other group, elected to fight off several T-800s with just Flagstaff to help. Although they succeeded, both were bitten. They attempted to conceal the bites, but Nevada noticed Albuquerque's bite and Albuquerque revealed Flagstaff's two bites.

The pair then turned into T-800s, attacked the other group, and were killed.


  • "Albuquerque" was originally the name for Tallahassee, but it was changed to Tallahassee when the decision was made to film the original Zombieland in Georgia over the Southwest.[1]