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Buck was Tallahassee's son, but was killed by zombies.


Tallahassee raised him, the day he was born changing his life radically after his wife and childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth, died after giving birth. When Buck was taken from him by zombies, Tallahassee snapped and became a zombie killing machine, harboring a deep and intense hatred for the creatures. Tallahassee took absolutely every opportunity to kill, maim, or otherwise hurt zombies in inventive ways even when such actions weren't necessary, laughing at their destruction to bury the pain of his loss.

At some point Tallahassee made a wallet out of duct tape containing pictures of Buck so that he could always remember his son, although he broke down sobbing the only time he ever opened it publicly. Normally, Tallahassee claimed Buck was his "puppy" so as not to reveal the depth of his pain, but eventually he opened up to Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock, the latter of whom he sees as a surrogate child to replace Buck.