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Flagstaff is Columbus' doppelgänger and a minor character in Zombieland: Double Tap. He is portrayed by Thomas Middleditch.


Flagstaff wears a simple jacket with a dress shirt and jeans. His hair is curly like Columbus'.


A cerebral survivalist, Flagstaff is twitchy but applies a set of rigid rules upon himself, called commandments, in order to stay alive in an environment that he might not otherwise survive.

In Zombieland: Double Tap[]

Flagstaff arrived at Nevada's motel with Albuquerque, apologizing for the crushed car that their monster truck destroyed. After introducing himself to Columbus, they eagerly compared their lists of rules with each other, with Flagstaff's including but not limited to:

  • Commandment 1: Teamwork.
  • Commandment 5: Confirm your kills.
  • Commandment 12: The world is your bathroom.
  • Commandment 16: Expect the unexpected.
  • Commandment 27: Cardiovascular fitness.
  • Commandment 45: Mind your manners.

Columbus had corresponding rules for all but Commandments 12 and 16, and quickly took a liking to Flagstaff, finally having someone else who appreciated their rules and mannerisms. Unfortunately, several T-800s that had been following Albuquerque and Flagstaff arrived, so the two set out to defeat them unaided. Although they succeeded in killing the zombies, Flagstaff and Albuquerque were bitten. Flagstaff successfully concealed his two bites, assuring Columbus that he was fine. Albuquerque attempted to conceal his bite too, Nevada found him out, so he revealed Flagstaff's bites too.

The pair then turned into T-800s, attacked the group, and were killed.

During the film, Flagstaff appears to wield a DP-12 shotgun before his death.


  • "Flagstaff" was originally the name for Columbus, but it was changed to Columbus when the decision was made to film the original Zombieland in Georgia over the Southwest.[1]