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The Gas N' Gulp Station Manager (aka Victim in Bathroom or Bathroom Guy), played by Mike White, was a survivor of the initial zombie outbreak. He appears in Zombieland.


The Gas N' Gulp Station Manager owned a gas station prior to the zombie apocalypse, and was conned by Wichita and Little Rock. Wichita arrived at his gas station and pretended to look around for a diamond engagement ring, offering him a $3,000 reward if he could find and fax it to her. After Wichita left, Little Rock arrived and "found" a cheap forgery ring she had placed on the ground, but when the Gas N' Gulp Station Manager arrived to claim it, Little Rock refused to hand it over unless she received a reward. Thinking he would be receiving $3,000, he handed over $400 to Little Rock, but in actuality Wichita had no intention of paying him anything.

Later on, the Gas N' Gulp Station Manager fell prey to a zombie who had entered the bathroom of his gas station. Not realizing the person entering was a zombie, he bitterly complained about being disturbed, until the zombie came frothing and screaming underneath the bathroom stall. Despite Victim in Bathroom's screams and resistance, the zombie ripped into his flesh and consumed him.


  • The gas station chain "Gas N' Gulp" that he works at is the same as Columbus mentioned in the beginning of Zombieland when stating his "Beware of bathrooms" rule, where patient zero ate a contaminated burger.
  • The zombie that killed this man was portrayed by John C. Reilly.
  • Mike White finished second in Survivor S37 ("David vs. Goliath")