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Pacific Playland is an amusement park in California, rumored to be "totally zombie-free".

In Zombieland[]

Wichita and Little Rock sought to reach Pacific Playland even before the zombie apocalypse, conning people to hand over their money. When the apocalypse hit, it remained goal to arrive there due to the rumors that it was entirely free of zombies. They even abandoned Tallahassee and Columbus to get there.

When they arrived, the place was indeed free of zombies, but that quickly changed when Wichita restored power to the amusement park, creating an abundance of light and noise that soon drew a horde of nearby zombies to the area. Although they initially enjoyed the rides there, they had to flee when the noticed the approaching horde, crashing their stolen Hummer and ending up surrounded and trapped in the Blast Off ride.

Luckily for the pair, Columbus and Tallahassee arrived to aid them despite their betrayals. The pair slaughtered their way into the amusement park until they found the crashed Hummer, and noticed Wichita and Little Rock trapped at the top of the Blast Off ride. Tallahassee then drew away the majority of the horde, killing great numbers of them throughout the amusement park until he made a last stand in prize booth. He laid out an array of ammunition, and then proceeded to kill every last zombie who converged on him.

Meanwhile, Columbus contended with the few zombies who broke off to pursue him, killing one in a Haunted House and destroying the rest by rushing through a spinning ride just as it swung down to smash the pursuing zombies. He then arrived at Blast Off, where only two zombies remained; one scaling the ride itself, and another a Clown Zombie. Despite Columbus' extreme phobia of clowns, he successfully killed the zombie and hit the emergency release on Blast Off, killing the last zombie and bringing Wichita and Little rock safely to the ground.

Columbus finally kissed Witchita then, and the group reunited with Tallahassee, who was searching for Twinkies in a store. Hearing a sound and thinking it to be a zombie, Columbus instinctively fired at a closet, destroying the only box of Twinkies as rats fled the intense sound. Tallahassee became distraught until Little Rock threw him a single Twinkie she had found, and the group departed Pacific Playland together.