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The Clown Zombie

"That was my first brush with the plague of the 21st century. Remember mad cow disease? Well, mad cow became mad person became mad zombie. It's a fast-acting virus that left you with a swollen brain, a raging fever. It made you hateful, violent, and gave you a really, really bad case of the munchies."

Zombies are infected creatures that used to be people. Columbus says the contagion originated from Mad Cow Disease and became "mad zombie" disease.

Normal zombies[]

Through out the series and encountered in large numbers or small numbers. Normal zombies are the most common and basic form of zombies in zombie land. Being humans infected with a disease called the mad zombie disease. Normal zombies may be stupid but they can even group up to overrun survivors. Some will evolve into stronger zombie types like the homer that can explode when killed.

Special zombies[]

Special zombies are zombies with Many different abilities. They tend to be a lot more powerful then the normal zombies. The survivors encounter 4 types of special zombies with abilities and different stats

The Homer[]

Main article: Homer

Considered the dumbest variation, The Homer is very slow and strong, however can be easily be outsmarted and taken down. They likely get their name from Homer Simpson, due to their lack of intelligence. When it dies the Homer blows up and releases more of the mad zombie disease further.

The Hawking[]

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Taking on a more intelligent form. The hawking is a smarter variant of zombie, possessing a degree of problem solving to get it’s next meal. Unlike other zombies the hawking is extremely common in zombie filled labs and underground zombie infested bunker’s so you will see them a lot more in laboratories

The Ninja[]

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A much quieter and stealthier variant of zombie is the Ninja. Though not very durable, it makes up for it in stealth and ambush tactics. Killing it is not easy as they sneak up on survivor’s without making noise. It’s able to preform grabbing attacks and not get seen in dark places like abandoned homes. The only way to kill the ninja is to know where he’s going to strike. But if you're not sure where he’s at he will kill you. So make sure to know where he is at all times.

The T-800[]

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As a much stronger and more powerful zombie type. The T-800 is the is the most powerful zombie type in Zombieland. The T-800 is named after the model T-800 Terminator from the Terminator series. The T-800 is easily the most durable type of zombie, able to tank damage that would otherwise kill a regular zombie. They can come out relatively unharmed from small arms fire, though enough of it will incapacitate them.